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Co-Parenting Master Class Webinar

Are you exhausted by your current Co-Parenting situation? Are you out of ideas? Its ok, sometimes all we need is a little divine intervention.

Join Me December 11th @ 1pm for our Free Webinar (3part Master Class Series) .

I am going to walk you step by step through a proven introspection strategy that will unlock the secret door to parenting growth while FINALLY creating more peace, love, and joy in your co-parenting relationship.

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Fay’s knowledge that all healing is possible through divine love has been fortified by a decade of experience and training in spirituality, ministry, & alternative healing.

To be Healed is to be Whole.

Are you ready to escape the prison of the fear based mind & begin your journey towards health and divinity?

Here is what a few of her spirit tribe members had to say

“thank you for the time you have dedicated to my spiritual progress. Spirituality was just an idea until I met you. You have taught me so many life changing practices. I knew I longed for something and with your daily encouragement and guidance I found it within me. The day I laid eyes on you I knew I had found my spiritual teacher. Your guidance has transformed my life. Truly. I love you and I thank you.”-Grace11147854_1166717576687206_6762866941573997063_n

      Sessions Involve

  • Tapping into Source
  • Releasing toxic emotions such as : fear, unforgiveness, guilt, regret, blame, shame, and resentment.
  • Acknowledging and removing false beliefs
  • Intro to flowing toward truth and Source
  • Recognizing and clearing negative thought patterns
  • Receiving practical advice on how to heal the obstacles you face in your relationships

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****General Spirit Counseling

30min Counseling  $75

   60min Counseling  $150

   2hrs Counseling     $290

To schedule your session(s) click here:

*****Emergency Session

If you’re going through a very difficult time(crisis) and are in need of immediate guidance rooted in love and understanding than this package is for you if you are open to Source.

1coaching session not determined by time but on the crisis at hand. $189

imagesTo schedule your session(s) click here:



This Package focuses on Manifesting the life you want and need by discovering your Divine Authenticity™. Through setting weekly goals and Establishing healthy thought patterns you will begin to see amazing results in your life.  The Deep Down Package includes four (4) coaching sessions and and intro to spirit foundations. (either in person or via telephone.)  Disclaimer* this package involves Prayer and Talking about feelings, you have been warned

4weeks -$1495.00

To schedule your session(s) click here:

Together We Will Embrace The Arts Of :

  1. Igniting whole body healing
  2. Seeking divine freedom
  3. Positive goal setting & Making firm choices
  4. Love based relationship building
  5. Spiritual synchronicity & accountability



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