Cosmic Love Tribe Guidelines

This is where we come together, our meet up on our spiritual journey.
Here we offer each other ideas, support, love, and support.
We ask deep questions and answer thoughtfully.
We are a family.
Like every other family, we have boundaries that we respect.
That’s how we keep open lines of communication and continuously raise our vibrations.
Vital Tribe Members:
Fay Decopain-Rogers (Owner of Fay TheCosmicLove and creator of this group).
Jay Rogers (Tribe Manager of this group).
As a member of this Cosmic Love Tribe you are promising the following:
By being a part of this community you are agreeing to these rules listed below.
1. NO Business PROMO   
No business-promotion is allowed a file will be created to store all of your awesome business info for all our members to access.
Im hoping source moves you to check out each other’s work & support one another.
Definition of business-promotion: 
– selling anything – that means products, services, courses, events and programs
-promoting your webinar or event
-posting a link to your OWN website
-posting affiliate links
– Social Sunday is where we’ll share blog posts, Social media profiles, Surveys, & Our Own Youtube videos or Podcasts
Jay & I might promote something if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our tribe.
** Business Box** This file is the ONLY place to look for people to work with or hire within the Group. If you are looking to hire someone to work with you, search the business box. Standalone request posts will be deleted.
-NO streaming live into the group.
If you find a video from someone else that  can add value or inquiry to the lives of your fellow tribe members, Create a post and share it.
Do not post in the group and ask people to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help or to work with you.
Your comments (and YOU) will be removed.
4. Let your light shine
Be polite.
That means respecting people’s feelings, privacy and rights to their opinions.
If you’re rude or disrespectful or spammy…we’ll have to ban you, I dont want to but I have to protect the tribe, and our circle of love.
If you think it might be a rant, don’t post it unless seeking advice
6. Compassion
Your responses with reflect your level of compassion.
If you know that you aren’t there in your life yet, that’s ok. just don’t respond.
Be willing to talk and willing to listen.
Some people like swearing and we don’t too much mind.
If swearing offends you , you have 2 choices
1.stay and figure out why it offends you and try to move past that.
2.leave the tribe before its too late
If you have a question about why your post was deleted, if your post is ok or any other question related to this Group, email us at Subject: Tribe
We ask that you respect the time of our Admins and owners and not DM them through FB.
We will reply to your email in a timely manner during business hours of Monday – Friday, 8-5 EST.
If you don’t agree with ALL of these rules, kindly remove yourself from the group.
Otherwise, I welcome you with open arms
**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice.Sorry for the inconvenience
1. Come with an open mind
2. When creating a post, be yourself. 
3. Try not to judge negatively where someone else is in their journey
We have joined here together to raise our frequencies, and reach enlightenment, together.
4. Trust that you are part of this tribe for a reason. 
5. If you show up just to post your content and not help out your fellow tribe members, they notice.
6. Share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to others. 
I love you cosmically.