About Fay



Spiritual Life Coach

Fay TheCosmicLove

Fay has been a spiritual powerhouse from the very start. Fay’s mother, Florence acknowledged her gifts and began to groom her at a young age, never allowing her to limit what she could accomplish. Her consistent  observation was Fay’s Free spirit and love of  helping others.


She is qualified, dedicated, and determined to guide you in discovering your divine authenticity and helping you breath life into your dreams. Together you will be able to Peel back the layers of your false self , revealing the life you so richly deserve more. Perhaps you want to improve your relationships with yourself and others,  find your inner peace, get balanced and healthy, build a new you from the ground up, appreciating the present, or finally cultivating a deep relationship with your divine creator- Spiritual life coaching is one of  the most effective ways to go about that. Fay is not your average  life coach. There will be no beating around the bush.


After obtaining a Masters Degree in Ministry, Fay has founded two very  successful companies.


Currently, Fay is owner of Anna’s and Ella’s® and Fay TheCosmicLove®, Both serving the community as  guides for men and women to a to attain a spiritually whole and holistically healthy lifestyle.


As a Spiritual  Life Coach, Fay has made a name for herself in the city of Miami, Florida, and several other cities nationwide, working with Minorities and children by giving them the tools necessary to build a stable spiritual foundation for themselves.

Open and incredibly loving, Fay  improves the lives of others through her voluntary mentorship, and selfless desire to share cosmically inspired knowledge at every opportunity. If your desire is to take your life to the levels you didn’t know you had, than you have found your facilitator in FayTheCosmicLove, The Freedom loving, Peaceful, Intelligent, Source centered guide you are seeking  is here to serve humanity, and that includes you.

“I am a healer and a teacher, but most of all I am constantly learning. Expanding my love and eradicating my ego. I fit into so many boxes but belong to none. I have found that being in service to others is the only way to service myself.” -Fay


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